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I didn’t hear him enter, but I sensed his presence. Closing my eyes, I listened as he stood watching me, I could just feel his lust right there and now. I imagined the thoughts running through his mind as he looked across to where I waited, crouched low against the bed, bottom raised high in the air like a stretching animal, like a cat waiting to pounce. I just wanted it ! Hard, passionate and treated exactly how I wanted it! Wearing only my mask, bra and suspender stockings, I was naked where it mattered. My vagina displayed for his approval, my anus waiting and ready. Take me, I’m yours, I prayed. I imagined that the breeze from the open window was his cool breath on my skin. My ice cold lover. Still he waited and watched. The anticipation was pure agony and pleasure.

Three days earlier I had thrown some clothes into the Aston Martin and left my life in a cloud of summer dust. The engine roared my frustration out across the countryside as I tore my way southward. I didn’t leave a note. I didn’t care. Kids, husband, none of it mattered. I needed some time away, needed to vent and live as a woman again. The hotel was expensive but perfect, a luxurious getaway, spa treatments and champagne.

But more than that, it was within easy reach of a truck stop diner with greasy food and dirty coffee.

“Is everything to your satisfaction?”

I grinned and swayed my hips, shifting my bottom back and forth. He didn’t reply, and a little thrill went up my spine. I heard the clink of ice as he lifted the glass I had left for him. Dutch courage, perhaps, or just a little aperitif while he surveyed the toys I had selected. In either case, it was only a moment before I heard him approaching the bed.

I tensed and waited, and then felt his fingers lightly brush my buttocks. I mewled, but he remained as silent as ever. I couldn’t even hear him breathing. I stayed in position as his hands moved across my bottom, back and forth, sending shivers through my body and making my breath come in fits. Then I gasped as his fingers settled into the cleft of my buttocks. I waited for them to move down and stroke my sex, but they stayed still.

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