Cassie and the beach party

I have always been sheltered growing up. My parents made sure me and my siblings were on the right track considering we lived in a terrible neighborhood in the UK. When people imagine certain places in England they think of cups of tea and Mary fucking Poppins, this is the north, unlike London with it’s multimillionaire houses which is true, just they never think about other aspects of it like the ghetto. Well I don’t want to drag you guys on into a boring backstory of my life so I jump right into the story. Me and my older sister were invited to my sister best friend (We will call her “Vanessa” college graduation party. My sister and her friends were way better Older then I was. I even fantazied about it. They had to at least be early to mid 20s while I was only 18. Vanessa decided to have a bong fire at the beach to celebrate her accomplishments. Vanessa Invited a few of her friends to her party that me and my sister were not familiar if I can remember it had to be 2 guys and 1 girl. The guys names are irrelevant but i will always remember her females friend name... Cassie. Cassie was about the same height as me, maybe 3 inches taller than me. I was 5’2 and I was to the bottom of her chin so not that much of a difference. She walked up to me and greeted me saying, “ Hey my name is Cassie” I responded with a hello and continued to set up the tables with the food everyone brought. After that very short conversation we had we did not talk much after that till about sunset, the perfect backdrop.

If you live in a seaside town in the north, in the summer you know it doesn’t really get extremely hot, but luckily on this fine late spring evening, the temperature had been quite high, a perfectly warm evening belong to us, while the beach was dying down and families were leaving I decided to go into the water and take a swim and asked everyone to come with me. While I was walking I heard Cassie doing a fast wali to catch up with me. She then asked me “hey I never really asked how old are you , you look way young then us” I told her 18. Then she replied “aww how cute , you are so adorable too”. To be honest I dead arse rolled my eyes at her not going to lie I hate when people who are a couple years of years older then me say that shit to me like come on lol. Anyways I told her to shut up jokingly and splashed her with the water, I guess I started a War cause everyone started to splash each other. While we were having a splash fight she she tackles me into the water, ( we were all about waist deep into the water) when she tackled me she accidentally or I should say “accidentally” grabbed my breast and squeezed them a bit. Which did not feel bad I kinda liked it but at the moment I did not think much of it. We began to wrestle and she literally kept touching me in places like by ass , stomach breast everything. I eventually told her “okay you win and moved walked towards our set up to get the s’mores started.. to be honest I did not want to go to the party unless their was food haha.

We all sat down and while others were getting the fire started. It was about 8:30-9pm and it cooled down a bit to where it was nice fresh breeze in the air. I brought 2 big ass blankets with me , you know the ones you get at the swap meet with the lion on it lmao. (If you know what I’m talking about that should make you laugh) one blanket Laid out onto the floor while the other one I wrapped around me. Cassie asked me if she could get into my blanket and I said sure. My sister and everyone else were drinking and ran out of beer and her and the small group walked to the store nearby to get more supplies, My sister kind of embarrassed by aski,g to Cassie “ hey can you watch my little sister we will be back in like 15 to20 minutes” Cassie replied “no problem”. After everyone left it I decided to lay down and look at the stars, she then lay down next to me. she asked me out if the random “do you have a girlfriend”, I didn’t think much so I said no I don’t and I asked her the same question. She then replied “ no I’m not really into certain guys at all, I’ve been with a few but it’s not really me” I said oh well that’s cool. I rolled over to get my phone out my bag to check it and I felt her hand slide down my back to my arse.. I was kinda scared and did not know what to do so I kinda ignored her. She started to say how cute I was and started to squeeze my arse and massage it. I didn’t know what to feel but I liked this feeling. I let her carry on and even pulled my legs apart a little, she slid her hand down my back of my while was continued to tease my cock with her had lightly touching it.

She then flipped me over and moved her hand up my body to grab my jaw and starred at me and aggressivly said ‘I like to power over young cute guys’ ! Her fingers massaging my balls. I was shocked so I just turned my head the other way. She put her head under the blanket and started to suck my dick ! , it felt so amazing ! I had never been blown by an older girl this way, she was explosive, taking it fully to the back of her throat ! I even started to squeeze my legs together because the sensations felt so amazing. She eventually started to rub my hand over her clit and my body began to shake.. she kissed the side of my neck started to slide my dick towards her pussy. She moved it slow at first but started to have a face pace after a while. I wanted to take her hard so bad but I did not want anyone to see us. She whispered in my ear” have someone every gave you head before like that before ? I shook my head no. She then said “well you can experience even more later on at the sleepover”. She then stopped and got up. 2 minutes later everyone came back and basically the party was back on again. I wasn’t sure on what just happened and I did not know how to feel about later on either.


I spent the next few hours in limbo, buzzing from that short amazing experince, the feelings that channeled throuh it, but also, she just didn’t seem to take one look at me, I watched her party, she was so sexy, she danced in the light of the bombfire, she was as older as fuck but as she consumed her beers, was she forgetting me, am I going to get another chance to live a moment like again with her ?? The wonder was shattering, I was so horny ! I just wanted to atmosphere to die down to be able to see what would happen. What is this game ?? As i chilled by the rocks on the beach I could see the night calming down, she was still at it, as energetic as a battery, she was just so beautiful and hot ! She finally took a glance over in my direction and noticed me, alone on my rock with a bottle of beer, I was of course letting her know I was watching her, all I wanted was her attention. She appraoched and came over and sat down with me on the rocks, looked at me, picked up my beer and took a swig from the bottle while looking at me with a cheeky but cute little smile. ‘I didn’t see much of you tonight’ said Cassie, ‘No I like a quiet evening feeling the vibes’ She smiled, and joked by saying i had a kinky voyeur theme to me, my soul shook ! Even she was just open and like random kink jokes or she was letting me know we still had business to look into, … and I wasn’t wrong on that !

She looked over to see the last remaining people there, she looked back at me and said : ‘Let’s go elsewhere where it’s quiet’ so we climbed on to the other side of the rocks on dissapeared on to the next beach, a few yards in and we were all over each other, she litterally ripped my shirt off and dropped my shorts, I quickly replied by taking off her t-shirt, i knew she was bare titted underneath and dropped her pants as we launched ourselves into the sand, it does get everywhere but the energy levels were so high, we didn’t give care in the world. Her nipples were waiting, i found out straight away that she had super sensitive nipples. I pinched them both several times, sending a shiver of pure pleasure over her body. In seconds we were naked, I could feel that my technique tingled my clitoris, I was just so in awe of her, I knew I had it in the locker and just wanted to give her everything I had. She arched her back slightly to push her breasts up. I played with them in my hands, caressing them and kneading the soft mounds of flesh, they were the most beautiful breasts I had ever encounted and she responded as I continued as I gently pinched them just right to acheive the desired effect Cassie wanted. Withing seconds her breath quickened, then came involuntary moans of pleasure as the waves of orgasm washed over her mind centered about what that instant. Just as I could feel that the orgasm suprised her, proberly by that fact that she thought she would be control, and not expecting such a high level of energy from me, a younger guy, I increased the nipple molestation and pushed her to a second, smaller orgasm that quicly faded. I stopped and enjoyed her glowing look following such an intense release. ‘You were really into that’ ! She said with a strong heartbeat. I wrapped my arms around her to keep her warm. This time, she leant back into me and she closed her eyes. I could feel her melting into me with as i tighted my arms around her. I brought a hand up and gently cupped her chin in a genuine but demanding way. I ran a thumb over her bottom lip and opened her mouth slightly. I gently gave her a push gesture to bend over and she did, I then bent over her from behind and kissed her softy and tenderly. The kisses deepenedas we both tasted and explored. She then gasped in a small but strong voice ‘I want this, I want you’ ! The air of the sea and the feel of my soft but demanding hands on her bare body caused her to start groaning without even penetrating her. I obliged with care, slowly placing the tip of my manhood inside her, I passed a hand through her hair and went deeper, slowly but deeply, as she groaned I could feel her so intensly, the look on her face will pleasure me forever, I was deep in her, she grabbed my arm and ordered me to harder ‘Please take me harder’ I gently bent her over a bit more and then I did take her exactly how she wanted it, hard and deep ! Full lashes of cock smothered in warm cum, Cassie was my queen at that moemnt as she made the most sensual and sexy huffy squeals, ‘I want to taste you’ ! She gasped and dropped to her knees to finish me in such a exzolirating way ! She gave me the harsest head, starring at me with pure lust, and then it came, I gave it to her, my own cum all over her lip as it dripped down over her amazing breasts, she was the best thing that had ever happened to me at that moment ! As we paused she gave me a deep satisfied and kinky smile , so cute and sweet but also as hot as fire ! Cassie said ‘I wasn’t expecting that ‘! Cassie has been back for more since, check my diary and memoires to read on about our future encounters and exploring ...

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